The Modern Warrior-Steven Seagal

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Seagal's Box Office Grosses.



Above The Law:

U.S. Gross: $18,869,631

Hard To Kill:

U.S. Gross: $47,381,386

Marked For Death:

U.S. Gross: $43,224,499

Out For Justice:

U.S. Gross: $39,673,161

Under Siege:

U.S. Gross:$83,363,139

World Wide Gross: $156,400,000

On Deadly Ground:

U.S. Gross: $38,590,458

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory:

U.S. Gross: $50,024,083

Executive Decision:

U.S. Gross:$56,679,192

The Glimmer Man:

U.S. Gross:$20,404,841

Fire Down Below:

U.S. Gross: $16,148,906

Exit Wounds:

U.S. Gross: $51,758,599

Half Past Dead:

U.S. Gross:$15,567,860

DTV Grosses:

The Patriot:

U.S Gross: ?

The Foreginer:

U.S. Gross: $10.2M

Out For A Kill:

U.S. Gross:$ 8.7M

Belly Of the Beast:

U.S. Gross: $13.6M

Out Of Reach:

U.S. Gross: $2.66M

Into The Sun:

U.S. Gross (So Far):$8.3M



Forever Steven Seagal.