The Modern Warrior-Steven Seagal

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His Music

"Music is the language of the divine. It is the one that all people understand.
It is the one language that transcends
All political, racial and religious boundaries.
No matter how diverse or far apart our philosophies or cultures may be, through music we can heal the world.
Through music we can becone enlightened.
I believe one can experience complete realization and liberation through sight and sound."
-Steven Seagal


"Would it make you feel something so real
But I guess you could speak your own your mind
Whisper your wildest dreams..."


Seagal is more than just a Master of Martial Arts, he is a master of peace and music. Music has been in Seagal's blood as early as the time he began training in Martial Arts. As his mother's death wish, Seagal promised to record his music on an album and release it to the world. His first cd is titled:
Songs From The Crystal Cave.



Track List:
Standard Edition
Girl it's Alright  
(Steven Seagal & Greg Barnhill) - 3:50
Don't you cry
(Steven Seagal & Greg Barnhill) - 4:58
(Steven Seagal & Patrick George Barrett) - 4:13
Better Man 
(Steven Seagal & Greg Barnhill) - 4:29
(Steven Seagal) - 4:31
My God
(Steven Seagal) - 3:57 - includes Stevie Wonder Harmonica Solo
featuring Lt Stitchie (Steven Seagal, Shaun Fisher) 4:34
Not For Sale
(Steven Seagal, Shaun Fisher) 4:56
(Steven Seagal, Shaun Fisher) 3:32
featuring Lady Saw (Steven Seagal, Marion Hall) 4:21
featuring Lt Stitchie (Steven Seagal, Cleve Laing) 3:46
featuring Lady Saw (Steven Seagal) 3:05
(Steven Seagal) 5:59
The Light
(Steven Seagal) 4:54

Limited Edition
01. Better Man
02. Music
03. Route 23
04. Girl It's Alright
05. Don't You Cry
06. My God
07. Lollipop
08. Not For sale
09. Dance
10. Jealousy
11. War
12. Strut
13. Goree
14. The Light
15. Red Rooster(bonus)

The Limited Edition of "Songs From The Crystal Cave", contains the bonus DVD, including the "Girl it's alright" video, the making of the album, and the biography. It also includes the previsouly unreleased track "Red Rooster".








Seagal's continueous passion for music and the nature of sound has led him to play with among the top musicians of our era such as, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, James Burton, Vince Gill, Leon Russell, Taj Mahal, Ritchie Sambora, Delbert Maclinton and John Lennon.

Seagal opening up for B.B. King's Blues Club, 9/30/03.

Steven Seagal at Sarasota Festival- 1999

Steven Seagal & Taj Mahal-Steven Seagal Birthday Party-1996

"No matter how diverse or far apart our philosophies or cultures may be, through music we can heal the world."


Forever Steven Seagal.