The Modern Warrior-Steven Seagal

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Seagal's Current Location


Keep checking back here for current updates on Seagal's current schedule, and what he has been up to.
May 12, 2005 10:41 a.m.


January-February - Filming "Black Dawn", location: unknown.

January 20-23 - Attended NAMM (International Music Products Assocation) show, Anaheim Californai

February 11 - Attended Tsunami Benefit Concert (source: suziwong)

February 12 - Attended Clive Davis' pre-Grammy Awards party (source: suziwong)

February 13 - Attended 'Jammin for Ray' Post-Grammy party for Ray Charles, at Spagos in Beverly Hills.

February 13 - Attended William Morris Agency Post-Grammy Party at Avalon

February 13 - Attended Usher's private Grammy Party, Geisha House, Hollywood, California

February 28 - Still at home in L.A.

March 31 - Memphis, Tennessee (source: Ginning Cotton)

April 1 - Mercenary begins filming (source: hofmae) (Location: South Africa)
Start date changed from February 1 and changed again from March 1.

April 11 - Stopover in Accra, Ghana on his way to South Africa to film Mercenary (source: sugust)

April 12-30 - Filming Mercenary in South Africa

May 1 - Back in Ghana (source: suziwong. See photos in thread

May 11 - Steven, visited the hospital and the Finkelela Children's Centre in Khayelitsha. He has been in Cape Town filming the movie Mercenary.

Dressed in a brown-and-gold silk mandarin jacket and accompanied by an entourage of 15 assistants, bodyguards and Buddhist monks, Seagal toured the hospital and met several children.


Forever Steven Seagal.